Initiation Fee | $500


Monthly Dues | $100 +

Individual Membership consists of 1 Adult over the age of 18+

Club Membership

​Sonoma Aquatic Club offers a variety of membership packages for families, couples, and individuals.  Full-Time Membership registration takes place in person at our office. 

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Summer Memberships

​Sonoma Aquatic Club offers a variety of summer membership packages for families, couples, and individuals.  Click Here for Details

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Sr. Couple Memberships include 2 Adults over the ages of 65+ or 1 Adult 65+ and the other under 65 

Couple Membership include 2 Adults or 1 Adult + 1 Child  

Sr. Individual




Initiation Fee | $150


Monthly Dues | $59

*for first 2 members + additional $10/child, $20/adult monthly



Initiation Fee | $100


Monthly Dues | $40

Full Time Membership

Membership includes FREE aerobic, arthritis, tab-aqua fit, masters swim, and water yoga classes.  

Full access to all three mineral pools (outdoor, indoor and spa pools), fitness center, showers, and wifi.  

To join as a full time member, we require an Initiation Fee + First Monthly Due at time of sign up.  You may join indefinitely month to month or year round.

*Initiation Fee Option - Initiation fee can be split into 2 or 3 months


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Senior Individual Membership start at age 65.

Student Membership consists of a student between the ages of 18 - 23 years old.  

*Must provide current student ID or transcript

Sr.  Couple


Become a Member

Initiation Fee | $400


Monthly Dues | $100

*Helpful Membership Forms for current members

Initiation Fee | $250


Monthly Dues | $69



Couple B (one 65+)

Initiation Fee | $350

Monthly Dues | $95

Stay Connected

​​Couple A (both 65+)

Initiation Fee | $300

Monthly Dues | $90